Thursday, March 22, 2012

Windows Server: Printserver Migration from 2003 to 2008

For a Migration do the following steps:

1. Cleanup the old server.
2. !!!Update all Drivers to x86 and x64 on the old server!!! The x86 and x64 drivers must be the same. Use Universal Print Driver if you can.
Link HP:
Link Lexmark:
Link Brother:
3. Expand the tree, then right click on Print Servers and click on Add/Remove Servers .
4. Enter the name of the print server you want to migrate the printers off of and select Add to List, then click Apply.
5. Right Click on the server and select Export Printers to a File and save that file.
6. After the export is complete, right click on your new server in the tree.
7. Select Import Printer from a File, and select the export.
8. Follow the wizard…

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