Friday, January 30, 2015

FSRM quota isn´t working properly and showing that are 100% is in use - HOTFIX available see Update

You applied a quota via FSRM and saved some files... After a while you can´t save more file cause Quota Management is thinking you have reached your quota limit...

Quota Management showing "Used: 300 MB (100%)".

If you check the size of the affected folder, you see that only 576 KB are in use.

So something is wrong with the quota scan. To solve this you have to trigger a quota scan. To do this type in the following command via cmd on your File Server:

dirquota quota scan /path:Z:\YOURPATH

Now your quota is working properly!


There is a hotfix from MS available:

THX to Xyybyral for saring this info!

RDS Licensing Server 2012 R2: "Remote Desktop licensing is not configured" appear after configuring

After configuring "RDS Licensing Server 2012 R2" the popup "Remote Desktop licensing is not configured" pops up, but you configured all needed settings.


If you open the "RD Licensing Diagnoser" its saying you have to configure the "license server" name and the "RD licensing mode".

If you configure the same settings via policy the popup will disappear and as well as warnings in "RD Licensing Diagnoser".

To configure these settings via policy open "gpedit.msc" and browse to the following path:
Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Remote Desktop Services / Remote Desktop Session Host / Licensing

and setup the following settings depending on your environment.
"Use the specified RD license servers" = yourservername
"Set the Remote Desktop licensing mode" = Per User