Friday, January 30, 2015

RDS Licensing Server 2012 R2: "Remote Desktop licensing is not configured" appear after configuring

After configuring "RDS Licensing Server 2012 R2" the popup "Remote Desktop licensing is not configured" pops up, but you configured all needed settings.


If you open the "RD Licensing Diagnoser" its saying you have to configure the "license server" name and the "RD licensing mode".

If you configure the same settings via policy the popup will disappear and as well as warnings in "RD Licensing Diagnoser".

To configure these settings via policy open "gpedit.msc" and browse to the following path:
Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Remote Desktop Services / Remote Desktop Session Host / Licensing

and setup the following settings depending on your environment.
"Use the specified RD license servers" = yourservername
"Set the Remote Desktop licensing mode" = Per User

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  1. THIS fix was a life saver. I had an error with a 2012 server where I had to remove the Graceperiod key from the registry due to an error where it wouldnt install the RDS correctly. Once I removed it and reinstalled RDS, I could NOT get the license server to recognize. It showed up in the configuration but would not hand down licenses. Once I did the gpedit.msc and added my server in, all the licenses came up and it ran properly. Thank you for this info!!!