Monday, March 26, 2012

AD: MSI Software Rollout via GPO with groups

Create a global group named "GG-Workstations Department X"
Create a local group in ADUC named "LG-Software XY 9.1.0" and add it to "GG-Workstations Department X"
Add the local group "LG-Software XY 9.1.0" to the Software folder.

In GPO management
Create a gpo for the Software and link it to the right OU
Under tab Scope, Security Filtering and Remove Authenticated Users and add the local group
Right click on the policy and click Edit
Expand Computer Management>Policies>Software Settinsgs>Software installation
Right click Software installation click New> package
Browse to the package
Click Advanced
General Tab: Type in the Software Name, Version, language and location
Deployment: Set "Uninstall this application when it falls ou of the scope of management", Click Advanced and set "Ignore language when deploying this package"
Modifications: For MST files
Security: Remove Authenticated users(Click Advanced,Choose Authenticated Users and deselect Include inheritable… Click Add, After this Aplly and click Yes), add the local group

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