Monday, May 14, 2018

How to find largest files using Powershell

If your hard drive is running out of space, you need to know which files causing this issue!
To establish this we will use Get-ChildItem.
Use the following command to get the top three files.
Get-ChildItem -r| sort -descending -property length | select -first 3 name, Length

The Length will be displayed in Bytes, if you have large files it´s better to display it in Mega Bytes, so let´s calculate the responding property length into MB.
Get-ChildItem -r|sort -descending -property length | select -first 3 name, @{Name="Megabytes";Expression={[Math]::round($_.length / 1MB, 2)}}

Now we get all files, where are these files located? Just select DirectoryName as well, to get it.
Get-ChildItem -r|sort -descending -property length | select -first 3 name, DirectoryName, @{Name="Megabytes";Expression={[Math]::round($_.length / 1MB, 2)}}

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