Thursday, April 5, 2018

Syncing NPS Settings between two servers

If you want to be redundant, you need a second server running NPS with all the settings you need to handle requests of your Radius Clients. Network devices typically allow you to specify multiple Radius Servers in their configuration using a shell or web interface. If you have two servers, you have to define a "Master Radius Server", so you can use this server to do all configuration changes and these changes have to be imported to a second server. You can sync your NPS configuration, manually via GUI or using a PowerShell script that running in a schedule task. Find attached a picture that show this process.

The following script could be used to sync your NPS configuration between two servers. This path C:\admin\NPS\Backup\ must be available on both servers. Just create them or add it to the sript.

# Get date
$date = get-date -Format yyyy_MM_dd
# Export NPS config
Export-NpsConfiguration -Path C:\admin\NPS\Backup\NPSConfig_$date.xml
Export-NpsConfiguration -Path C:\admin\NPS\Backup\NPSConfig.xml
# Destination Server
$NPSDestServer = "SecondRadius"
# Copy config to destination server
Copy-Item -path C:\admin\NPS\Backup\NPSConfig.xml -destination \\$NPSDestServer\C$\admin\NPS\NPSConfig.xml
# Export current config
Invoke-Command -ComputerName $NPSDestServer -ScriptBlock {Export-NPSConfiguration -Path C:\admin\NPS\BackupNPSConfig.xml}
# Import new config
Invoke-Command -ComputerName $NPSDestServer -ScriptBlock {Import-NPSConfiguration -Path C:\admin\NPS\NPSConfig.xml}

Just copy this script to your Master Radius, change $NPSDestServer = "SecondRadius" to match to your second NPS server name and create a schedule task that execute this script.

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