Monday, March 9, 2015

WSUS Console Database Error after you start the Cleanup Wizard

This is caused because the partition doesn´t have enough diskspace.

I will show you how to solve this error doing the following steps.

- Stop UpdateService

- Cleanup some update files located in WSUSContent ( It must be enough , so a log file for the cleanup could be created on the WSUS partition. In my case the log file was about 2 GB)

- Start UpdateService

- Run the Cleanup Wizard

- After this run the following command:
C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools>wsusutil.exe reset

The command "wsusutil.exe reset" tells WSUS to check each update in the database, and verify that the content is present in the WSUSContent folder. As it finds that the content is not present in the folder, it executes a BITS job to download the content from Microsoft. This process takes quite a bit of time and runs in the background.

How do you know when the process is complete?

The size of the WSUSContent folder is no longer growing, but to be sure check the SoftwareDistribution.log.

C:\Program Files\Update Services\LogFiles\SoftwareDistribution.log

If you start the "
wsusutil.exe reset" command, you should see a line towards the bottom of the log which looks like this:

WsusService.14  ExecutionContext.runTryCode     State Machine Reset Agent Starting
... after a while you should see this-> ...

WsusService.14  ExecutionContext.runTryCode     State Machine Reset Agent Finished

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